AICA in I-T Shape

"AICA – Associazione italiana per l’Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico – is an Italian Association, member of CEPIS the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies. AICA promotes the IT professionalism  by means of its annual Congress, its journal “Mondo digitale”, researches, projects and courses. It participates to the CEN IT Skills Workshop which has developed the European e-Competence Framework.
AICA is responsible in Italy for the following competence frameworks and certification systems: e-Citizens, ECDL, EUCIP.

AICA works with schools to promote:

  • users’ digital competences,
  • professional informatics competences,
  • the computational thinking as a crosswise competence,
  • the use of ICT in the teaching of all disciplines to increase the effectiveness of learning.

Since 2010 AICA has promoted a project aimed at the Economical Technical Institutes, specia-lisation “Business Information Systems”. The proposal is to involve teachers in different subjects – Computer Science, Business Administration, English, Law and Maths – in assuming as a reference the EUCIP core syllabus so that the students can take the plan, build, and operate exams and achieve the EUCIP core certification. The project started with 3 schools (on 440), one is the IS Fermi in Pontedera which is in the IT-Shape partnership.

In 2012 the number of school involved arrived to 89, and now more than 150 schools are joining the project: that means a quarter of the total.

In the IT-Shape Transfer of Innovation project AICA, together with IC Skills (IE), is the donor. AICA brings in the project its expertise concerning the use of the syllabus and related certification system and the experience in transferring it from the corporate world to the schools.

Milan, March of 2014.

The second issue edited by Pierfranco Ravotto, from AICA: Association of Italian Information Technology. You can read more about it here:

Newsletter - 2. issue