EUCIP Core and I-T Shape

"Demand for e-skills has been growing steadily during the last years all over the world. According to the study published in the frame of European e-Skills Forum: “e-Skills shortages will result in an excess demand of 384.000 ICT practitioners in 2015.” (Körte, W. B., Hüsing T.: Evaluation of the Implementation of the EC's Communication on "e-Skills for the 21st Century", Empirica, Bonn). An important conclusion of related studies was, that European companies "were increasingly struggling to hire people who were competent in both information technology and business management. Companies need so called "T-Shaped" professionals who enter the workforce with a strong business understanding, ‘soft’ skills and knowledge of leading-edge technology.” (Fonstad, N., Lanivyn, B.: European e-Competence Curricula development guidelines, Final Reports, European Commission, European e-Skills Forum, 2010). EUCIP Core - at European level recognized IT qualification - is an answer exactly to this demand as its competence framework strongly focuses on the business skills related to the fundamental e-skills. The certificate was established by CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies) and has been used with success already in seven European countries.

IT-Shape project aims to adapt EUCIP Core certificate in the Hungarian Vocational Education. The main impact of the project are the increased chances of Hungarian (young and adult) people getting their placement at enterprises, by offering them internationally recognized, true pan-European IT qualification."

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