The First Experience: EUCIP IT Administrator in Hungary

The IT Administrator is an independent IT qualifications within the EUCIP system, which write the necessary competences for the „administrator” position. The 3.0 version of the IT Administrator (EUCIP) defines a narrower set of competences, which allows to possess a basic exam, and obtaining a EUCIP IT Administrator Fundamentals (ITAF) certificate. To obtain this ITAF certificate the candidates have to proof their knowledge in four areas (Hardware, Operating systems, Networks and IT security).

The Association of Italian Information Technology (AICA) involved the Hungarian domestic secondary schools’ students and gave the opportunity to prepare with their teachers to the EUCIP IT Administrator Fundaments (ITAF) exam, and get this European level certification. The Hungarian partners accepted this offer because it provide an opportunity to:

  • know the EUCIP system requirements,
  • get information about EUCIP examination system
  • to assess the possibility of the joinable of competence framework of EUCIP and domestic IT vocational training in a final exam

On the test exam and the final test the following institutions’ students and teachers were participated:

  • Galamb József Agricultural Vocational School, Makó
  • Neumann János Vocational School for Information Technology, Budapest
  • Öveges József Vocational and Grammar School, Balatonfűzfő
  • Számalk-Szalézi Vocational Highschool, Budapest
  • iTStudy Hungary Ltd., Gödöllő

ITAF test exam

The aims of the ITAF test exam was that the candidates get a picture about the progress of the ITAF test, the nature, depth of the questions, and assess their current level of knowledge that meets the requirements.

Those who wrote the test in English they achieved a better average than other test writers. It might have been caused to the failed Hungarian translation of the original English content, what couldn’t reproduce the right meaning. This additional uncertainty factor in the test exam was successfully resolved to the first exam.


We got the following feedback about the questions from the candidates: the questions were too complicated and complex. The depth of the knowledge was a challenge even for participation in adult education too. Most of them agreed that the test material assumes practical and necessary knowledge for the performance of the administrator task and the successfully exam require a special separate preparation. 

The results of the pilot test were not very encouraging:






The results of the Englist test exam was better (with 7%) than results of the Hungarian test exam, but only a few candidates reached the requied point for the successful exam.

ITAF exam

Many candidates didn’t come to the final test, because they had bad experiences from the test exam. The first exam was ont he 29th of May 2014. The opinion of the candidates and the teachers was that the questions of the final exam were clearer more understandable than questions at the test exam.

The topics about the operation system and the networks were more successful while the topics about hardware and IT security caused difficulties on the final exam. The reason of the gaps was that they haven’t learned these topics yet or the students in some of their study subjects has more theoretical than practical knowledge.










The results of the modules at SZÁMALK-SZALÉZI

51 candidates pass the final exam (from 92) and acquired their European level recognized EUCIP ITAF certificate.

Gödöllő, September of 2014.

The issue 4. edited by Maria Hartyányi, the leader of iTStudy Hungary Ltd. You can read more about it here:

Newsletter issue 4.